Track Limits Optional at Oran Park

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Track limits became a matter of creative interpretation for a huge field of competitors, including a number of professional real-life racers, who flocked to Oran Park for Week 7, Season 3 of Just Send It in the Pro Lite 2 trucks.

The high ground clearance of the trucks meant competitors found the fastest way to negotiate the circuit was to short-cut the course in several places, most notably at Turn 7 and 8, where the drivers opted to go straight ahead.

Even by Just Send It standards, the race produced a high amount of pandemonium with a clear majority of racers involved in at least one incident where they ended up inverting their vehicles.

Another challenge was created by the Pro Lite 2 truck’s limited fuel range, which saw a dramatic shuffle of results late in the race with several drivers running out of fuel within sight of the chequered flag.

Two drivers to be caught out by the fuel range dilemma were Andrew Gilliam, who pitted from the lead inside the final few minutes, and Aaron Borg, who ran out of fuel altogether.

Taking advantage of the chaos, and managing his fuel to perfection was Brenton Hobson, who scored his second Just Send It race victory, coming home more than half a minute ahead of Benn Snell and Oscar Piastri, after a number of the other key runners ground to a halt. Such was the rate of attrition, only eight drivers finished on the lead lap.

Just Send It Results – Week 7, Season 3

  1. Brenton Hobson
  2. Ben Snell
  3. Oscar Piastri
  4. Hayden Veld
  5. Andrew Gilliam
  6. Cameron Gall
  7. Andrew Gall
  8. Anton De Pasquale
  9. Ross Rizzo
  10. Jordan Mulach


Just Send It Points (unofficial)

  1. Jackson Souslin-Harlow – 114
  2. Anton De Pasquale – 78
  3. Cooper Webster – 65
  4. Jobe Stewart – 62
  5. Brenton Hobson – 55
  6. Justin Ruggier – 53
  7. Jay Hanson – 51
  8. Benn Snell – 50
  9. Shane Van Gisbergen – 47
  10. Wayne Bourke – 41

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