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Watching hilarious Twitch streams of online sim racing has become a popular isolation activity, but who can boast the title of “most entertaining Twitch feed”? Vanessa Gray investigates.

twitch.tv/vanessag8 | instagram.com/vanessa_gray_8/ | twitter.com/vanessa_gray_8

Most Entertaining Streams

Global Grid Fillers – hosted by Nick Cassidy and Shane van Gisbergen, streamed on multiple channels

Whether you are a fan of all motorsport or a bit of a category snob, you’ll find something you like on Thursday nights with global grid fillers. Including stars from F1, F2, Supercars, WEC, Formula E, Super GT, Drifting, Touring Cars etc, this race is the most amateur race full of professionals you’ve ever seen, with drivers abusing their admin power and accidentally setting up night races on tracks without lights. The entertainment goes far beyond the racing action as the discord chat lights up with sledging and shenanigans.

Bonus – Lucky iRacing punters watching Scott Pye’s stream after Global Grid Fillers concluded this week were able to join a session and race against some of the world’s best including Red Bull Formula 1 driver Alex Albon, Supercars stars Shane van Gisbergen, Scott Pye and Fabian Coulthard, as well as Nick Cassidy, Antonio Felix da Costa, Mitch and Simon Evans. No other sport in the world offers this kind of opportunity.

Look out for this event on Thursday nights 7pm AEST.

twitch.tv/nickcassidy | twitch.tv/scottpye | twitch.tv/mitchevans | twitch.tv/scottmclaughlin93 | twitch.tv/albon | twitch.tv/GR63 | twitch.tv/afelixdacosta | twitch.tv/tom_blomqvist | twitch.tv/jannthaman | twitch.tv/kelvinvanderlinde | twitch.tv/nickpercat | twitch.tv/laurensvanthoor


Scott Pye and friends – twitch.tv/scottpye

If you want to know if anyone at all is online iRacing then follow the #20 Dewalt Supercar driver Scott Pye on Twitch. If someone is turning laps then you can be sure Scotty is powering up the sim rig to lay down some mega outlaps too. Scott is the most engaged with his Twitch chat out of all of the Supercar drivers and his Wednesday night eSeries debrief is a marathon event. Last week went for 10 hours and seven minutes to be precise. We sympathise with his patient missus Shannen who brings him delicious dinner and apple juice (cider). The Outlap King’s Twitch fans and regular Discord group are always on hand to help him find left hand apexes and understand terrible jokes.

The usual Discord suspects include:


Whilst lacking the necessary interwebs in New Zealand to livestream himself, the #97 Red Bull HRT driver is a regular participant in Scott’s debrief and juice drinking sessions. We still aren’t sure if it’s actually Shane or Mickey Cat Gisbergen driving the sim but the banter is quality, with Giz pointing out every one of Scotty’s missed apexes but also kindly giving us all some really good tips for iRacing.

Stevie J

Steven Johnson provides plenty of sledging, stories about his racing days and his dad Dick Johnson, some hilarious insights from his son Jett and plenty of “Meat Pyes” spam in the chat. Stevie J also loves a Mazda race, anywhere anytime.


Blake “Bilko” Williams and his epic one liners are stuck at home in his barn with a new sim and plenty of spare time so he and fellow #22 wearing FMX star Chad Reed asked Scott Pye for some eSeries tips at 1am after Scotty had finished off at least 9 ciders. This was obviously a good idea. Scotty’s detailed coaching across the top of Mount Panorama whilst seeing double was actually really impressive to be fair, so we hope to see some more practice sessions happening.


LCQ League (Last Chance Qualifier) – Conor Daly and friends twitch.tv/conordaly22

Conor Daly is known for many things including competing in “The Amazing Race”, advocating for fellow diabetics, sending his GP3 car airborne at Monaco and regularly wearing over the top American flag-themed outfits. Conor is a pretty social bloke so on Mondays he gathers a crowd of equally hectic blokes for the LCQ League including his boss Ed Carpenter, Chad Reed, Alexander Rossi, Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams, James Hinchcliffe, Brandon Semenuk and apparently Travis Pastrana, though no one is quite sure. The guy using Pastrana’s account had no microphone and no one could get in contact with the real Travis so he was mostly referred to as: fake Travis, Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Terry Pastrami and Deli Meat Sandwich throughout the event.

Conor’s loud and proud Indiana accent and animated outbursts are definitely worth a follow any day of the week but this event is full of memorable quotes from all participants.

Our favourite phrases from the night include: “Looser than a herd of turtles” “Cheating snakes” and “Burnt-out washed-up deli meat sandwich”

Tune into Conor’s channel for “LCQ Mondays” at 9:30am AEST on Tuesdays.

twitch.tv/conordaly22 | twitch.tv/bilkofmx | twitch.tv/nitrocircus


Honourable mentions

Lando learning how to speak Aussie – twitch.tv/landonorris

Even before the official confirmation that Aussie Daniel Ricciardo will be Lando Norris’ teammate at McLaren in Formula One next year, Lando’s Supercars crew at Walkinshaw Andretti United have been teaching him a bit of the local lingo. Lando squeezed in some “Yeah Nah” and “Nah Yeah” into his TV interviews during the Supercars eSeries broadcast, much to the amusement of the hosts. The crew also suggested “esky” “stubby” “servo” and “darts” for next time.


Erebus Junior eSports twitch.tv/antondepasquale | twitch.tv/willbrown38 | twitch.tv/bushracing

Anton, Will and Brodie sharing duties as mentors and benchmarks was a great opportunity for the young competitors in the sessions, a few of which nearly beat the boys up at their own game!


Mitch McLeodtwitch.tv/mcleod40

Aussie Twitch veteran Mitch McLeod is the late show you watch with headphones plugged in because the banter is excellent but not always safe for all ages, sorry Mitch. After being twitch raided by Lando Norris last week, Mitch gained a bunch of new fans from all over the world. Mitch’s twitch stream setup is quality, with great animations, scenes and features, it’s definitely worth checking out if you are just getting started with your own stream and looking for some inspiration.



Not quite Racing

Rocket League

Ever get bored of your usual sport and try something else once in a while? That something else is Rocket League for the younger F1 paddock residents. Rocket League is basically FIFA meets RallyX meets Daft Punk. Yes, its football played with cars and lots of bright lights. Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon and George Russell have been known to enjoy a game every so often but you can find loads of people playing the game and streaming the action.


New to twitch


Blake “Bilko” Williams started streaming to twitch just in time for his Supercars eSeries Celebrity race where he placed second in race two. Bilko is testing streams and looking for some new series to race in so keep an eye on his channel for some more good fun.


Chelsea Angelo finally tracked down a webcam and streamed the ARG races for her fans on Thursday night. Chelsea was only a few corners away from taking home a podium when fuel surge caught up with her, she eventually crossed the line in 5th place. Chelsea streamed again on Saturday night for the Slideways Go Karting race at Bathurst which saw over 130 viewers flock to her channel. Hopefully Chels will stream some more races and practice sessions on twitch this week.


Coming soon twitch.tv/stevenjohnson17

Word on the street/discord is that Steve Johnson is keen to stream on twitch once his new sim rig arrives so we’ll be keeping an eye on his channel.

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